Friday, April 22, 2005


Journalism joke. Ha. Welcome and greetings. I've never done this before, but I figured, I've got opinions, right? Anyway, so this is for sharing my opinions out into the INTERNETS where absolutely no one will read them, which should be fun.

My best friends and I in high school always wanted to become wandering philosophers when we grew up, but realised there wasn't really much of an industry in it. Then again, JP was going to school for engineering, wanted to be a National Forest Service park ranger, and is now close to graduating with a psychology degree to get a counseling certificate. I came to college as a chemistry teacher wannabe, graduated with degrees in business and French lit, and now my career goal is to be in publishing as a copy editor. Huh. But that's what's so neat about a liberal arts education.

I'm kind of hoping writing for the INTERNETS will keep me in practice while I job-hunt. I'm also hoping I can get Susie Bright to take a look at this blog when I get more things in it -- I'd love to be like her someday and get paid to philosophize people about sex. I don't really have any desire to be rich; I'd just like to be able to pay my bills and still be able to do something I enjoy. You know, use my full potential and all that. Oh hey, on the subject of businessbabble, I just read Keith Ferrazzi's Never Eat Alone, a business book about forming relationships. It's pretty neat, so if you, the INTERNETS, like that sort of thing, I'd recommend it. As long as I'm recommending things, I recommend Dell computers for the home user who doesn't build their own stuff -- my system fried in a lightning storm, right through my surge protector, and they've replaced my power supply and are shipping me a new monitor for free. Dude, that's some rockin' service. No, INTERNETS, none of these people are paying me. Pssh, I wish. Then I wouldn't be so broke.