Thursday, December 06, 2007

Countdown to idiot MRAs thinking this is real and/or a good idea starts now

Onion: Man Finally Put in Charge of Feminist Movement
I love the part where he shatters the glass ceiling by 'making some calls to the big boys at the top'.

Friday Random Ten: Are My Ovaries Exploding Edition

  1. Soulja Boy gets to be number one because he was performing here last weekend. Jon explained to me that to "Roosevelt that ho" means to attempt to pack the Supreme Court so they stop striking down your shit.
  2. Ookla the Mok - Baby's Head (baby's got a soft spot)
  3. ABBA - Fernando
  4. Ben Folds - Such Great Heights
  5. Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
  6. Thurl Ravenscroft and Dr. Seuss - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  7. Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby
  8. DMX - Party Up - which, by the way, the three simultaneously most terrifying and most awesome words are "DMX Christmas album"
  9. Like 12 versions of my favorite Christmas carol, Do You Hear What I Hear
  10. The National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation theme

Also, my ovaries are not exploding. At least, not any more than usual. Thank you for asking.

I so called this.

I just saw a Hillary Clinton ad featuring Wesley Clark. VP anyone?

Also, the calling her by her first name vs. last name for Obama. I thought about it and realized that, yes, I call her Hillary and him Obama, but I say:
  • Rudy
  • John McCain and John Edwards
  • "Who?" (Chris Dodd)
  • the crazy magnet and the gnome (Paul and Kucinich - who Jon calls 'the Kooch')
  • Alan "I'm blacker than you" Keyes
  • Mitt-Mitt - which is almost always preceded by the phrase 'shut your hole'. Eventually I think my brain's going to just assume that "Shut Your Hole Mitt-Mitt" is his actual name.
edited 2/8/2008 to add: after Super Tuesday, Republicans are now reduced to a choice between Walnuts and Fuckabee. I just like saying that one. Give it a try - Fuckabee. FUCKABEE!