Thursday, December 06, 2007

I so called this.

I just saw a Hillary Clinton ad featuring Wesley Clark. VP anyone?

Also, the calling her by her first name vs. last name for Obama. I thought about it and realized that, yes, I call her Hillary and him Obama, but I say:
  • Rudy
  • John McCain and John Edwards
  • "Who?" (Chris Dodd)
  • the crazy magnet and the gnome (Paul and Kucinich - who Jon calls 'the Kooch')
  • Alan "I'm blacker than you" Keyes
  • Mitt-Mitt - which is almost always preceded by the phrase 'shut your hole'. Eventually I think my brain's going to just assume that "Shut Your Hole Mitt-Mitt" is his actual name.
edited 2/8/2008 to add: after Super Tuesday, Republicans are now reduced to a choice between Walnuts and Fuckabee. I just like saying that one. Give it a try - Fuckabee. FUCKABEE!

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