Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh my god I hate Tom Coburn.

He's on CSPAN repeatedly referring to embryos as young humans. Tells a story that a kid asked him why we fine people for hurting bald eagle eggs but fund people to 'kill young humans'.

He just had a chart talking about how if we kill embryos, we could kill the next JFK, MLK, Mother Terea, and Ronald Reagan. I think lots of people have already covered how this is RETARDED.

Then he goes on to say that the stem cell debate isn't a faith issue, but then slips up and says embryos are 'sacred'.

He claims he wants cures, and that people have to leave the country to get adult stem cell cures, and why are we killing young humans when we could be giving people these cures here except I don't want to fund that either?

I think he also tried to say that mitochondria are life. That is actually true in a way - scientists think that they used to be another organism that had a symbiotic relationship with early cells and were pretty much permanently taken in to the cells' makeup - but I really doubt that's what he meant, because he would've had to explain it, and he sure didn't. I just know that because despite my humanities degree, I'm a science nerd at heart.

You know that these people screaming about the babies that we aren't actually killing are going to take full advantage of the cures once we find them. It doesn't count when it's us, right?

Pretty much everyone in the public supports the research. The public hears the argument that a cell is more important than a person and doesn't buy it. My god, Bill Frist supports this bill! But Sam Brownback and Tom Coburn (I tuned in just as Brownback finished up, sorry) went on tv and said that liberals want to kill your babies so they can protect the bald eagles, and that that somehow relates to stem cells but we swear, not Jesus. No, there's no Jesus here, except for the Jesus that's here.

So I ask you:

What the hell is Tom Coburn's problem?!

When the Congressional Record or other transcripts become available - I'll check back tomorrow - I will link to and post exact quotes from the crazy bastard. 'Til then, you'll just have to settle for the word of a baby-eating liberal, amirite?

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