Monday, April 21, 2008

Argh, hiding things on your website

I tried and tried and couldn't find a place on to send in suggestions. And I have several; maybe if I put them here someone will find them!
  • in the search-narrowing items, make it so you can also use them to eliminate categories (for example, I was just searching for a new 2.5" hard drive, and I would've liked to be able to eliminate everything smaller than I want, without having to rule out a good deal on something bigger than I expected.)
  • have a way to sort by, or only show, things that are eligible for Super Saver shipping.
  • as a corollary, sort by lowest price including shipping.
  • improve category tagging - this is something that drives me batty about eBay as well. Hard drive enclosures should not be listed under 'internal hard drives'. I know sellers set those, but maybe there could be some kind of system where users could suggest proper tagging, or note items that don't belong in a category?

1 comment:

  1. Don't know if I did it, or I was just an idiot and missed it, but Amazon has a Super Saver shipping filter now. Don't know when that happened, as I don't even remember posting this in the first place so I wasn't watching for it, but yeah.

    Yeah, I probably just missed it.